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This is Bryan from Marksmen Elite, first off let me say thank you for considering Marksmen Elite for your airsoft repair and upgrade needs. I've been a part of the local airsoft community for about 10 years and dived right in to doing repairs from the get go. For roughly the past 8 years I've been handling 10-40 repairs a week professionally for a local shop.  During that time I've been trying to push what you should expect from an airsoft tech. The heart of any tuning or repair is the shim job and we have that down to a science. Exact measurements and allowed tolerances gets your airsoft gun performing like it should and gets rid of any guess work.

External work:

Tightbore barrel install - $20 or Free with the purchase of a barrel
Hopup unit replacement - $20 or Free with purchase of hopup unit
Motor install- $20 or Free with purchase of motor
Connector swap/replace - $20
Various body work - $20 - Varies

Warrantied Internal Work:

Gearbox repair/upgrade - $50+ parts
Mosfet installation(mosfet supplied by customer) - $50
Note: All internal work comes with shim job,
gearbox lubrication, and angle of engagement correction.

Note: Services can be grouped to offer a discounted total. For example you can have a gearbox repair and barrel install for $50. Ask about pricing when having multiple things done.


We are currently working on securing a store front. If you need to schedule a meeting just let us know. 

Contact Information and Paperwork:

We have a couple forms that you can fill out to bring with your airsoft gun or email to us for a quote.

The first is a simple repair form found here. This form is meant to be as simple as possible and avoid confusion.

The next form is meant to allow you a little more control in the upgrade process. It can be found here.

For more information, quotes, or advice please contact us at

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